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Our aim is not to be the largest courier company in the Midlands, however it is to be the best courier company in the Midlands.

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0116 220 0945 // ops@ltscouriers.co.uk

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What our
clients say
about us

“Lee, Georgia and the entire team at LTS Couriers have never let us down. It’s always great to know that those last minute jobs can be serviced by a fantastic team and delivered on time every time! Thank you LTS."

Mrs S Cattell - Client Relationship Administrator.

"Having worked in transport for many years you find that the service level promised by office staff can fail when it comes to the delivery. LTS break that mould because of the passion and the professionalism that Lee (Managing Director) has goes right through from top to bottom, he makes sure of it."

Mr P Cowling - Dispatch Manager.

"Our company has used LTS Couriers for many years now and can highly recommend them. They are extremely efficient and go out of their way to be as helpful as possible, their staff are really accommodating and their drivers are always cheerful, obliging and co-operative."

Mr M Wood - Commercial Manager.

LTS have been providing us with dedicated vehicles for many years, ranging from small vans through to 7.5tonne trucks; this includes high value and fragile cargo. Their professional and friendly approach in the office whilst booking is carried all the way through to delivery with the drivers always pleasant and helpful. LTS always manage to find a solution to help us quickly and efficiently. I look forward to working with LTS for many more years.

Mr D Cowie-Smith - Cargo Manager

We are extremely happy with the service that LTS provide to us. Collections and deliveries are always timely and you always endeavour to help us in an emergency. Overall a great service which we will continue to use.

Mr Gary McCall, Planner / Raw Material Scheduler.


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